Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kimono de Jack Leiden

At the moment there is a small and wonderful exhibition of children's kimono at the Sieboldhuis in Leiden.

Kimono Club wanted to go and tried the first Kimono de Jack The Netherlands ever.

It was a great success, 6 ladies in kimono!
And this for a very, very small country!

Linda Hanssen (textile curator at the "Wereld Museum" Rotterdam) gave a great speech about kimono and learned us a lot about the children kimono, I think it was very special.

We could have know that after the lecture the attendants wanted us to show our selves.
I tried to explain as good and comprehensible as possible what every lady was wearing.

The weather was gorgeous (lucky us!) And of course Kimono Club wanted THE picture, of all zori/tabi feet. I think it's a cute coincidence we're all in pink, purple and mint tones ^_^

It was a fun day, thank you ladies for making the first Dutch Kimono de Jack such a success!

Tulay, thank you very much for taking all the photographes!


  1. It was a great day! Let's hope the next time we'll have a even bigger group and another nice event that we can pay a visit to ;3

  2. I really had a great time too, so nice to see other kimono-fans ^_~
    Other KdJ-outings have already been thought of, but you know that :-)

  3. Ladies, you all look beautiful!
    I hope that when I will come to Holland for the next few months I could join you? (pity I'm not sure yet when I will come there yet...)