Monday, April 6, 2009


In Amsterdam is a little japanse store called 't Japanse Winkeltje
We like to try and make a Kimono Club in Amsterdam.
For all those people loving kimono and loving to wear them.
For all people who would like to wear kimono, but just do not have the occasion to do so.
For all people who want to learn.
We will offer monthly kitsuke classes.
Or privat kitsuke lessons.
We will offer get-togethers


  1. Hi..

    DO you know the real difference between a Hikizuri and Susohiki?

    Some say Hikizuri is for Geisha and Susohiki is for Maiko.. and some say the other way round.

    Which is correct?

  2. They are the same.
    Susohiki and hikizuri are kimono that are worn with the skirt trailing.
    Geisha wear their kimono trailing (for dance) so do maiko, as they are actually "dancing-girls". Brides wear trailing skirts and so do traditional dancers. It's just a name for trailing skirt nothing more. A brides kimono also is susohiki/hikizuri.
    Susohiki means something like: trailing skirt and hikizuri means something like: train of skirt/dress. So, whats in the name, just use the name you prefer.